Hmph, Pfffft and Growl

I've been very remiss about posting on here of recent but I was rather downhearted and frustrated...

You see I belong to a Girl Guiders forum, which is fab and you can ask tonnes of questions (as random as you like) and nearly always get some helpful answers.  So I decided to pose the question on mental health and disabilities training. Knowing full well that Girl Guiding UK has some huge holes in it as far as training goes.

Funny how many people would like some more training on both those topics. In fact, a few even suggested online training stuffs. So I thought I would test the water and try a blog series.

It's been quite well supported behind the scenes but I've got to know one or two of the moderators quite well. The reason I've got to know them well is that I've most probably had quite a few complaints on my topics so far (general mental health, EDs..) but you know....

I've been told that blogging about general mental health stats and EDs and their stats (well goodness knows what they'll do about the next post) is a difficult area. OK I get that. Other words used to identify my guiding blog series :

Unnerving (reality really sucks doesn't it)
Concerning (well yes when you know the truth on numbers it is)
Controversial (pffft that's your attitude to the topic not the topics fault)

I despair, but one of the phrases that really frustrated me was the way in which people think of me over generalising on the topic feilds or the fact that 'one size does not fit all'. I growl...that was in direct response to the ED stats put into GGUK figures here (a little generalised yes, but mostly because I can't get a breakdown of numbers from GGUK) I don't think I can over generalise them any more than the numbers are printed on the paper really. In other words: Why do you want to not believe me?!

Also could I just edit my signature on the forum, because it's "my personal 'mission'" to convey my blog over. Maybe it is, but I don't ask anyone to have to go read it or comment on it, hey if you want you don't even have to click on the link. If it upsets you that much then why are you in the volunteer post that you are?!

What is the point to have fab initiatives like Time to Change if we then can't change. It's by-line is
'Let's end mental health discrimination'
It is such a great set of TV adverts, magazine adverts, even the radio cottoned on and got involved. But ask a youth organisation to be open enough to listen and accept the facts and numbers as they are...

If my 17 year old StepD can get that if you work with young people you have to be open to their problems and then aware enough and informed enough to know where to get info, why can't a bunch of Guiding people also get that too?...they're adults as well...not kids!

It just frustrates me. Female mental health problems are a much bigger issue than men's and yet the women just can't quite admit to it...

It's not that long that I said that if we as a whole could be more informed then maybe we might just help lower mental health statistics just that little bit. It will never happen if we close ranks, shut doors and refuse to listen.

The future does not look bright really when you look at it this way...


  1. Hello, just wanted to comment about the Girlguiding training and support available. (I'm not speaking on behalf of Girlguiding, but rather in a personal capacity.)

    Whilst Girlguiding does not necessarily provide training on specific mental health conditions or learning disabilities, "care for the individual" is at the heart of what we do - as you know, it's one of the Five Essentials. The initial Leader training does cover what to do if you are concerned about an individual for whatever reason, as well as the support network which is there for Leaders. Resources such as "Health Matters" and "Including All" provide further information on specific conditions. Communication with members and their parents is very much encouraged.

    In my experience, Girlguiding Leaders have been very switched on and alert to possible issues amongst their girls, together with where to get help.

    Helena (Guide Leader)

  2. Sorry, that was a bit tangential to your post!

    I think raising awareness of mental health in general is A Good Thing.

    I totally agree that "if you work with young people you have to be open to their problems and then aware enough and informed enough to know where to get info", and wanted to say that in my experience, with the adults and units I have worked with, this is very much the case in Girlguiding.